Leisure time



Because we know, how to create climate.

Do you need a moment of undisturbed relaxation and a bit of fun combined with a good mountain dinner? If so, then Woodhill is for you!

Woodhill is a specially separated, private chillout zone with sauna, hot tub, barbecue hut... and a unique atmosphere! You can rent it just for yourself or meet friends, family or a group of friends.


Special Events

Events, events, concerts and much more ...

Lots of attractions for children and adults.


Tourist Information

We live here the entire year and will provide you with the best suggestions.

We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 12.00 hrs (during the summer holidays).

The Guest Information Desk is located next to the Reception.


Bike and Sport Equipment Rental

Because sport means health.

Tourist and racing bicycles, for children and adults, with additional equipment (helmets, trailers)*.

Open seasonally.

*Extra paid.



Because there are those who don't give up even on holidays.

Universal Allasy and loose dumb-bells for strength training as well as treadmill and bicycles for cardio exercises. 

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